Working as a nanny in Sydney

Working as a nanny in Sydney

In this post I speak about working as a nanny in Sydney. I give some tips and mention requirements for the job.

What is needed to work as a nanny in Australia

You will need the Police Check and or the Working with Children Check. The Police Check is a document that determines the criminal records of a person and the Working with Children Check is another one for all workers with children. It clears that the person can work with kids during five years or that can not work with them because of criminal records.

The First Aid certificate is required as well. This certificate can be done in just one day in Sydney and determines all the training to work with in danger people. It lasts three years. This course can include the Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR.

What do Sydney’s mothers look for in a nanny

They look for various year of experience, a very good treat to kids, teaching and keeping some habits that the children are learning. For example having naps at specific times, eating healthy food and taking the nanny part in the family.

How to look for nanny jobs?

First, making a profile in a nanny and babysitter recruitment agency or in websites devoted to nanny jobs. In those websites you create a profile that includes work experience, age of children you can supervise, native language, duties, courses and checks. Second, you look for the offers filtering by state, days, time, and children age (recently born, toddlers and advanced ages) and other filters.

It is important to add a practical and fun skill to the role, for example drama or arts and crafts, music (playing an instrument is valued) or experience teaching at a school and all other extras to contribute to the family.

The following are three popular websites in Australia to look for a job as a nanny:

How important is the English level to take care of a child?

The English level is always important to communicate with the families and with 4 and more year old children. At the mentioned age, they can make complete phrases and a conversation can be kept. It is suggested that people with a lower English level take care of younger kids and babies. The ones who have suitable preparation, take care of children from 4 years old and teenagers as well.
It is known that children use diminutive words. To learn more about that words, it is recommended to red children books.
In the Australian families there is a schedule for the children to be followed, desirable to keep them in their routine. In many ads it is written “keep the children in their routine”. Do not forget about this and try to keep the times.

How was your experience with the children you took care of?

Now my experience in Australia is very good, the families are happy and the kids in their routine, happily learning new things and growing up. In one case I have to pick the kids up from daycare and based in this experience I can know how the daycares in Australia are.

How are the nanny interviews in Sydney?

The nanny interviews depend on the role. This role has a tasks list, for example cooking for the kids. In each duty it is important to consider children food allergies and this has to be asked to parents, or some foods may not be liked. Not to interfere in this, always ask parents. How many hours do the kids nap, if waking them up to eat or not, often practiced activities and enjoying ones.

Nanny Agencies

To find a nanny job in nannies and babysitters recruitment agencies it is required to fill a profile as in the other sites, but they may also require qualification like Certificate III in Children Services & Diploma of Children Services. The advantage is a high wage per hour and superannuation because of the employment category with the agency.

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  • June 6, 2016 at 02:37

    Very interesting! I used to nanny and know it’s a tough but really rewarding job.

    • June 6, 2016 at 22:44

      Yes, I agree. Thanks for the comment!


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