The first two weeks in Sydney

This saturday will be two weeks since we arrived in Sydney, Australia. In such a short time we have experienced happiness, fatigue, stress and satisfaction. The best so far has been that we both got a job and have income to keep financing our trip. Here are a few pictures:

We now each comment on these first weeks.


It has been two weeks since I started living in Sydney, and I would say it is a big city similar to others I visited. As with other cities like Buenos Aires, Rome, Guayaquil, Florianópolis and Montevideo, there are moments of traffic, the trash truck comes, there is rush hour, there are people in bars and restaurants, on their bike, musicians, etc. A new thing I saw was crossing lines without a traffic light, where one can cross whenever and the pedestrian is respected. Also people drive on the right. It took a week for the jetlag to go away.

After sending my CV online and some interviews, I landed my first job here. I work as a chef in a sandwich shop, part of a butcher shop. This job will help me increase my confidence in speaking English and also has something I enjoy doing: cooking. I know that eventually I will get a job as a graphic designer.


Sydney, as any big city, has common traits of a metropolis.

When searching for a room we had a few hiccups, but finally found an ok room. It is not the best place, but we have privacy and are relatively close to important places. The neighborhood is calm. We are planning on finding a new place soon. Sydney has more demand than availability.

We fared much better on the employment side. We both got jobs and have better financial stand for our next steps. My job is similar to the ones I got in Buenos Aires, my colleagues are cordial and I hope this turns into a permanent offer that enables me to change my visa.

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