September and October 2017 Update


After several busy weeks, we can share how our life and plans are going. A lot of good things and lots of stress as well.


I won a process to recover unpaid wages

After making a claim through Fair Work, I got paid for an internship that was really a work position. I am happy with that.

A friend from Argentina came to visit

I’ve got a message from a friend in Argentina, saying that she was visiting Australia after 2 years of not seeing each other. Thanks, Alo!

I enrolled at a university in New Zealand

I enrolled at a university in Wellington, New Zealand. I will study a diploma in Digital Design, 3D Animation and Film production for one year.


I started working as a Tech Lead

After an HR selection process, the digital agency The Hallway hired me as Tech Lead. I have been organising, planning and leading software projects from the tech side. We recently hired a junior programmer, so I am also managing a mini team.

Freelance clients

With my previous visa status, (457 sponsored) I could only work for my employer. Upon obtaining permanent residency, I was able to work as an independent contractor.

The two of us

We visited an hindu temple

Our housemate is originally from India and follows the Hindu Faith, so he invited us to join a festival at a temple close to Sydney. We experienced a new culture, its traditions and we enjoyed tasty food.

We had a short holiday in Cammeray

Delicious Ecuadorian food

There aren’t Ecuadorian restaurants in Sydney and one day I found an Ecuadorian club that cooks and sells dishes, while looking for a surprise for Andrés. We met at a park on a Saturday and we tried tortillas con fritada, chochos con chulpi, empanadas, and colada morada. We also met nice people from the community and had long conversations in Spanish, which we hadn’t for the last 2 years.

From being hosted to collaborator

Inés, a girl we hosted through our initiative for free accomodation for migrants, is helping us with many initiatives. We really value her work.

As you read, many things happened in those two months. Until next time and thanks for following us.

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