Park, beach and apartment

The park

We needed to rest and relax. Looking for nearby parks we found Centennial Park.

The fauna most seen around Sydney are birds, most of them big ones walking around in the sidewalks. They are the Australian White Ibis.

The beach

Monday came and and there was time to visit the beach. The closest one was Bondi Beach.


It is very touristic, located on the city’s east.

There are lifeguards, that are very careful and patrol de waters on a ski jet. It is not surprising they blow a whistle and ask people to move closer to the shore.

The apartment

We have good news. We found our own apartment! We rented a nice studio in Redfern.


Till the next post, thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Park, beach and apartment

  • October 14, 2015 at 00:13

    Well done. I remember Bondi, although I never went swimming there as I prefer to do laps in a pool. You might want to check out the Olympic size swimming pool that is heated year in the area.

    And Redfern is not far from where I lived in Surry Hills. Fantastic restaurants in the area.

    Delighted that your adventure is going so well. Keep having fun and having new experiences.

    • October 14, 2015 at 20:24

      Thanks Jody! We will visit the pool soon :)


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